The Axcoz partner program is Simple|Effective|Flexible|Distinctive|Profitable

Become a trainer or expand
Do you want to become a trainer or are you, and do you want to expand or change partnership? Axcoz offers you the possibility to join us and work as a trainer with our proven concept. Our unique training supports managers and companies to be able to learn to lead in a distinctive way.
Axcoz is different, so do not expect a standard approach and sky high entrance fees. If you decide to work with us, there is no entrance fee. You will receive everything you need to be successful in management training. Above that, you will get constant support from your coach, training, your own website, the rights to use the system and our name, and future updates for which you pay a fixed monthly fee, no sharing turnover on your earnings on training.
Getting customers
Once you start your own company and decide to use the Axcoz concept, getting customers is the most important matter you want to be busy with. We developed a concept to make this as easy as possible for you which helps you to grow your network or use your existing network more effectively in order to get your first turnover (10 - 15 wks) quickly.
Is this for you?
We are looking for people who are driven, you do not take less for an answer. You know what you want and what you stand for. And you love challenges. You have management experience. You are a natural leader but like to work in a team and are convinced that people make the difference. If you recognize this, this is most likely for you.
Want to become a partner?
If you would like to know more about how to get involved in our international concept, with a strong brand name, low costs and a road book to success, please contact us.