The Axcoz Learning cycle

The Axcoz learning cycle:

The cycle that brings the best results is the one of experiencing and adjusting along the way. Many trainings or courses consist of a lot of theory and sometimes an exercise. And you are promised assurance through one repeat session. The Axcoz training following the Axcoz cycle is a UNIQUE training. Like in the gym, we train on a specific topic until we have the results we want.

Your company will become exponentially more agile, the moment that leaders, trained by Axcoz, get to work. Because we train them in 10 important and topical areas with communication skills as a starting point, meaning that they can execute them and pass them on wihtin the company.


Skills are developed most by:

  • Reading
  • Hear and see
  • Experiencing
  • Experiencing - analysing mistakes - practice again