Axcoz business alliances are Simple|Effective|Flexible|Distinctive|Profitable

It starts with giving
Every relationship starts with giving. Axcoz organizes useful meetings, in which we introduce ourselves and you introduce yourselves. And this directly to 10 to 15 of your possible business relations.
During our meetings you sit with 10 owners, managers or directors, who can become important contacts for you. At the end of the meeting you immediately point out with whom you would like to have a follow-up appointment.
The right contacts
You will be invited from a pre-selection in which we strive to only bring companies together with synergy, as much as possible.
Acquisition costs money. Quite a lot of money. And the effects are not always what we would have expected. Therefore Axcoz founded, business alliances. For substantially lower costs you attend to structured meetings that will always lead to relations.
The first meeting is for free. You directly establish contacts that enable orders or knowledge exchange. Try it for free.
No crowded meeting rooms
The meetings that are organized by Axcoz take place around the table, with no more then 15 attendees, so there are no large groups of people, and situations in which it is not clear if the people you address are indeed important for your business.
Near you
After the pre-selection you will receive an invitation. We will choose a central location depending on the locations of the attendees. If you would like to be invited to one of our meetings, click on contact in the menu and include your contact details, we will then contact you.